The Riverside Loft

The real meaning of travel lies in not seeing nature or landscapes, but in gaining new eyes by seeing the entire world with the eyes of another. Travel doesn’t mean in modes of transport or migrating from one end to the other rather it is about how far you are tempted to hold the nature’s hands tightly, to view the ethnic beauty with blessed eyes to see and adored heart to feel it. Cornwall is a most beautiful place on the earth, which is a country in the South West England. The Celtic Sea encircles it towards the north and west. Cornwall is the homeland for the Cornish people and its cultural habits reflect the unique history for those people.

Cornwall’s northeast place is spotted as the center region for perfect surfing. It is one of the best places in the world to visit for having lots of funs and adventurous trips in water sports and lot more with your families and friends adds beauty to the Cornwall. People living here are so kind and energetic to welcome their guests who are visiting as a tourist. Before taking a travel to Cornwall, it’s essential to know about the place to stay which must be at the center of the city, so that it seems quiet to travel any place easily in short time period.


Best of Cornwall

The best place to view the eye-catching places and sceneries in the Cornwall is the Riverside Loft cottage. It is a cottage in Fowey, which is also renamed as the holiday home, is located at 1.2 km from St Catherines Castle. This holiday home is a part of a delightful historic building on Albert Quay, in the heart of this historic Cornwall, with views of scenic attractions from the lounge and kitchen of the river and the boats, which are docked on the inlet.

These are the finest things of the Riverside Loft, which add beauty to the cottage with glimpses of morning sunlight over the bed, and flashes of moonlight over the candlelight dinner. Moreover, medicinal facilities with best therapists around the narrow lanes and also visitors can also browse many galleries, excellent cafes, restaurants, and quaint and pretty local gift shops all along the path.

Features of the cottage

The holiday home is designed with 2 bedrooms with double bunk bed, a futon bed, and a double bed, a living area, and a kitchen. So it is a perfect place for your comfy sleep for couples and family. Also, it is located just 29km away from Newquay Cornwall Airport, which seems quite an easy way to catch your flights. Equipment like elec heaters and coolers, microwaves ovens, washing machine, refrigerators, BT vision, TV view with HD quality, DVD player, open Wi-Fi connection, and at last but not the least free car parking facility.

These excellent and amazing features bring your missing home feel back in this cottage where you can cook, watch videos with the panoramic view of the estuary gives a fine and dandy feel to both mind and heart. Our professionals will help you to sort out all the needs on time especially while placing your food order. Also, we also provide our customers with stair gate for bedrooms where you can view the scenic beauty of the beaches with people for boating and surfing. As the entire rooms are surrounded with windows with open and close options, you would never use air-conditioner even during summer, as cool breeze will be blown from beaches and estuary at all time. You can book through App Airbnb Clone


We offer you at the affordable price and also, a card is not required rather book us through online and a confirmation email will be sent to you. After the payment is taken, you are provided with the accommodation details with address, key collection, and all other information will be sent through your email. Hence this is the finest place ever in the Cornwall where you can have a mind-blowing experience and memorable moments that keeps you to cherish and fond of visiting the place every year for the vocation.

Interesting facts

Our holiday home has many interesting facts, which attract the visitors to not leave the place. It includes sailing, kayaking, river trips, sea fishing, and lot more are waiting eagerly for your visit. Many visitors walk on the pathways to reach the village of Lerryn, either upon the river to view the arc of golden sand and bistro in the old lifeboat house. It explores beautiful coastline, scheduled coves, and dramatic cliffs. Many gardens are located just a few miles away from the cottage, where the vibrant trees and flowers attract most visitors, especially in the night, decorated with colorful lights.

For the perfect drink, pubs are located a mile away from the home with where all type of drinks is available. And there are four golf courses in the area along with horse riding, walking trails, and quaint coastal villages are the extra beauty for a perfect Cornish holiday. Along with that, there are food courts on the way where you can find the delicious evening with seafood and chats. Also, there are many shopping malls where can purchase all fancy and decorative quality items at affordable prices. Now it’s time for you to fix your visit to Cornwall and make your stay with your family and friends with Riverside Loft Cottage.